old house老房子中英

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  two brother in order to mom and dad in front of the window, pull the messy weeds, I do shoot off in the front yard, a mother can't see me, shouting: "girl, girl, where are you?" I should be a sound into the courtyard, the mother sighed, "on the outside is good don't stay in the house, ah, inside the sun, don't catch a cold."


   "I know!" although the mouth, they move into the house, really Yin, paint peeling off, the nose is a strong smell of mildew, an old table, two old chairs, the window is the old rural platform, corner is few big migang. The brick ground is bumpy, everywhere mouse droppings, could it be, this is once I raised my home? Is hesitant, my mother call me again, turned out to stand in the busy summer, warm sweet sunshine, see mom and dad and my brother are busy tidying up the yard and the house, in addition to a trail of mom and dad just pull out of the courtyard, almost to be weeds buried out, the brothers jingle when set the window the sound startled a flock of birds, flying over the roof on the edge, and in the clear blue sky, fly away......


old house老房子中英

  old house a few years ago there is a borrow fellow lived, was vacant, no one set foot down doors and windows, perennial, clumps of weeds, so it will have a look at the heavy heartache look, indeed, witnessed that scene, whose heart can not hurt? What conditions. Here, we have too many memories.


  dad described should be before the liberation of the liberation or what? At that time, because grandpa can operate a good hand of noble character and high prestige and abacus and was elected to the farmers association, our old house became the village where the village office, accounting and distribution of the village in the yard, this the house, my grandfather had a rather flexible abacus skillfully snapping a call, all the data are accurate, my grandfather has brains in the village cadres and the envy of many villagers, then our yard and our old house how is the glory of how splendid. Unfortunately, my grandpa! The abacus to our generation lost completely, two brothers and I, are similar to the abacus blind.


  grandpa life thrift, home of a rich family were in the left, Dad, mom and dad got married and raised two brothers and I'm in here, we are born in this growth in the later years, one family returned to this person, or such person, age accumulated a lot, the original young parents are old, we had the babbling of middle-aged, the house or the house, a lot of low dilapidated a lot, one family reunion here, is from the main to the customer, not the feeling of the year.


   we are one family, one family is different from the customary sense: husband and my children, one family can also extend outward: children and my father-in-law mother-in-law husband, father and mother or husband and my children, suddenly thought of the popular online Tinghuo a word: when parents in. We are one family, parents are not in, we are relatives, yes, we are one family, father and mother, brother, and me, one family of such a sudden people back to that era, we are the children, we are the parents of children, child, brother naughty. My brother always cry, ingenuous, always laughed me, I was the only girl has been spoiled brother bully me, I'll find mom......


  "house Yin, girl come out!" "you stupid look, go away!" Mom and dad still love to thaw nagging me to do a set of parents dotes on a naughty child, the brothers work, I play a mobile phone on the side.



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